RKO Acquires Hitchcockian Thriller The Architect

Craig Stiles' screenplay The Architect has been going around Hollywood since February, and has finally found a buyer in RKO. The contemporary Hitchcockian Thriller is said to be more akin to North by Northwest than Vertigo or Strangers on a Train. I've heard that it will probably draw more comparisons to Taken or Breakdown.

The story follows Mitch Avery, a New York City hot-shot up and coming architect who gets the opportunity of a lifetime — to build his dream building in Dubai. As you've seen, Dubai has been ground zero for the most interesting and expensive buildings of the last decade. Anyway, once on the ground on the Arabian Peninsula, all hell breaks loose. Of course, this is just the begining.  It turns out everything was a gigantic set-up which results in a chase to find his kidnapped wife Carlie and uncover the bigger conspiracy. I've heard that a big director has shown interest in the script. Sounds like an interesting premise.