Marvel News: Avengers Will Begin In February, Nick Fury Will Not Appear In Thor, And Stan Lee's Cameo Revealed?

Samuel L Jackson has confirmed rumors that Nick Fury will NOT appear in Marve's Thor, but will have a part in The First Avenger: Captain America. Jackson told IESB that he had no idea why he wasn't featured in the upcoming Marvel film, despite being name-dropped in the Hollywood trades.

When asked about a potential Nick Fury film, Jackson interestingly called The Avengers "pretty much" his "own starring vehicle for that character". And the actor also revealed that The Avengers is gearing up to begin production in February 2011, which doesn't give Joss Whedon much time to iron out a new script before all the heavy duty preproduction design work must begin. Read the whole interview on IESB.

Meanwhile, Stan Lee's Thor cameo has been scooped over at FanBoyWeb (or course, this is still unconfirmed). We're keeping the information after the jump incase you want to avoid any possible spoilers.

Who does Stan Lee appear as in Thor? Here are the rumored details:

Thor's hammer ( Mjolnir ) is found lying inside a crater in the middle of the road by the U.S. Army. The army tries to move it but can't because it's too heavy. They decide to bring in a truck for assistance. The soldiers tie Thor's hammer to the back of the truck with chains. The truck driver accelerates to pull Mjohnir. The back half of the truck falls apart as the front keeps moving. Finally, the camera cuts to the driver who happens to be comic legend Stan Lee.

Sounds about right...