Buried Reshoots?

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Lionsgate is scheduling some "additional photography" for the Ryan Reynolds one-man thriller Buried. You might remember that the independent film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to critical and audience acclaim, sparking a multi-studio bidding war.

While they don't know exactly what they are adding to the film, they do say that the additional photography "will add a bit of story to the "exterior" sequences." I'm not quite sure what that means considering the whole film takes place in the casket. For those who don't remember, the story follows a private contractor who is kidnapped in Iraq and buried alive. He has 90 minutes of air left until he dies, and has access to only a phone and a lighter. The entire movie takes place in the coffin, with Ryan Reynolds providing the only on screen performance. I attended the film's premiere at Sundance and was blown away (you can read my review here).

You also might recall that I've been very critical of Lionsgate's marketing campaign for the film Kick-Ass (and we all know how that turned out...). And if Kick-Ass was a hard film to market, this might be impossible (I'm kidding, kind of). But seriously, the concept is not easy to market, but one of the most interesting things about the film to me was that it never cuts to the outside. The film is scheduled to be released in theaters on September 24th 2010, so they have to act fast. I'm assuming that Reynolds wouldn'y be involved in the reshoots as he is hard at work on Green Lantern. I hope that Lionsgate doesn't feel the need to add some cut-aways, as that would certainly lessen the appeal of the film. I also hope that they don't add more to or alter the ending.