New Iron Man 2 Viral Website: CordCo

A couple weeks back, Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment released a new viral website for Iron Man 2: AccuTech Research & Development, a subsidiary of Stark Industries, which has plans to premiere a breakthrough in anthropo-robotics — the new HazTech robotic exoskeleton, at Stark Expo 2010. Earlier this week a video leaked on YouTube, appearing to be a bootleg clip from a presentation of a new technology from Stark Industries.

That 33-second bootleg was a teaser for a new website we just discovered called CordCo, another subsidiary of Stark Industries,with a focus on "Science serving people serving science." The website contains a video of the full presentation from Karl Oakley of CordCo, demonstrating a Sonic Fire Extinguisher. Check out the video on the website,, or after the jump.

I'm not exactly sure where all these Stark Expo virals are leading, but I'm sure more will be revealed in the lead up to Stark Expo on May 5th 2010 (errr I mean the release of Iron Man 2).