Iron Man 2 Viral: A Letter From Tony Stark And... The Origin Of The Avengers Logo?

Last week Marvel launched a viral website for Iron Man 2 promoting the 2010 Stark Expo. Yesterday we got a first look at the website for AccuTech Research & Development, a subsidiary of Stark Industries. At the time the website was revealed, all we knew is that Accutech will premiere a breakthrough in anthropo-robotics — the new HazTech robotic exoskeleton, at Stark Expo 2010. Today we have a few new developments, including a memo from Tony Stark and a possible first look at the logo for The Avengers.

First up, has released a letter from Tony Stark, announcing the return of Stark Expo this year.


Also, our friends at BleedingCool have noticed that the Accutech logo that appears very breifly in the video on the Accutech website looks familiar:


And here is the logo for The Avengers from the comic books (not the movie...):

Avengers logo

Is it possible that Stark Industries will provide the logo for a subsidiary of Stark Industries somehow becomes the logo for the superhero team? It's possible. Stark's company might provide the tech for The Avengers, and some of that tech will surely be produced by AccuTech Research & Development. It is also possible that we're all just comic gook geeks reading too far into a logo that shows up for a split second in a viral video.