First Official Thor Photos In May, Concept Art Coming Sooner

Branding consultant Gregory Littley has revealed on twitter that the first official production photos from Marvel's Thor will hit on May 5th. But you won't have to wait until then to see a glimpse at Asgard and the warriors of that world. Over the next few weeks we can expect to see "the release of intense concept art." Could a movie trailer be far off?

Also, Iron Man 2 hits theaters on May 5th. Might we expect a Thor teaser trailer to be attached to that other Marvel adaptation?

You might be wondering why Marvel is releasing photos so early. I've recently been told that next month the production will move to locations which will put the actors within eye-shot of photographers. Marvel hopes to combat potential paparazzi photos by preemptively releasing some official photos.

Steven Spielberg did the same thing with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. After paparazzi stalked the outside of the set for a couple days hoping to get a shot of Harrison Ford back in the fedora, Spielberg grabbed a digital camera and snapped his own photo of Ford in costume on set and released it online.

via: CBM