Is This A New Decepticon? Or Is This Another April Fools Day Joke? And What Will Transformers 3 Be Doing In Indiana?

I'm going to let a couple of pictures do most of the speaking for me here. I've popped them below the break because I appreciate a lot of readers won't want anything even mildly spoiler-ish in their path. The pictures show what is, apparently, a new Decepticon from Transformers 3.

Before we jump over to that, though, here's another Transformers tidbit from Production Weekly. They have today tweeted:

A pre-vis scene for Transformers 3 will shoot at the Majestic Star Casino in Gary, Indiana on April 12th.

A pre-vis scene? Perhaps they're referring to background plates for CG overlays later?

Okay – here's the supposed Decepticon. Pretty convincing pictures, I think. But what could they mean?


The pictures come from The Realm Toys, who also report on a red Ferrari that they could see, but not get close enough to for a photograph.