VOTD: The Original Tron Gets Modernized Fan-Created Trailer

There's a real art to cutting a good trailer. While the basics have remained the same over the years, some aspects of that art have changed greatly in the past two decades. Watch the original trailer for Tron, for example, and you'll see a good tease for the film and the story, but one that is very much locked into the pulse of technology and storytelling common at the time.

In response to that, a fan has cut a new trailer for the 1982 film. It's Tron as it might be sold today. The work is quite good; check it out after the break.

A few things make this trailer quite a bit different than Disney's original marketing materials. The title cards and graphics common to today's style are used; there's a more current score (some of it sounds like Batman Begins, but the end segment makes me think it's something else); and the footage seems to have been given a couple bumps in post-processing to make it a bit more vibrant.

But the storytelling is there, and this edit does a good job of selling Tron as a character-based action film in an unusual world.

"Wanted to make a exciting trailer with a modern feel as oppose to its original marketing in the 80s," says the editor. "I hope people will give this movie a try before they see Tron Legacy." For those who haven't seen the original, this could well be a good selling point, although new viewers will find a more talky, slower film than this promises.

See the 'modern' trailer below, and under it check out the original 1982 cut, for reference.

[via CinemaBlend]