Did Mark Millar Turn Down The X-Men 4 Writing Gig?

According to Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar himself, he has been offered the writing gig for X-Men 4, by which he seemingly means the projected next picture with the core group of adult mutants and not just a rewrite gig on New Class. He's happy to announce this offer to the world right now, apparently, because he's already said no. This decision, Millar says, was informed by a belief that Fox wouldn't allow him sufficient freedom.

Predictably, there's some skepticism about this story over at the Millarworld message boards. The thread is sub-titled "The toughest decision of my career so far". On a brighter note, Millar does reiterate that he's got another collaboration with Matthew Vaughn coming, based upon the so-far top-secret comic book that he's "doing with Leinil Francis Yu in September".

Via Bleeding Cool