The Hobbit Will Probably Begin Shooting Towards The End Of This Year

There's two big fingers out there pointing, and each is aimed at a flashing light that says "Sorry, more Hobbit delays". The first indication comes from a report at The One Ring. They are carrying quotes from an "absolutely reliable" source inside the production who tells them that the ongoing MGM sale is having a direct effect on the Hobbit movies:

At this stage we are all working and hoping for the best case scenario. Without a doubt, the MGM situation carries great importance.

But didn't Ian McKellen think that production would start in the summer? And he's an actor in the film, so surely he's a better source than a nameless, faceless, deep-throated cigarette smoking silhouette? Okay then, here's what Andy Serkis told Digital Spy at tonight's Empire Film Awards:

At some point towards the end of this year I expect it will start kicking off.

To the point, anyway.

I think, really, that we don't know what the status of The Hobbit is. I certainly hope everything gets resolved nicely, though – this one going off the rails now would be tragic.