Mattel Developing More Toys To Adapt Into Movies

You thought that Hollywood was scraping the bottom of the barrel when they began greenlighting movie adaptations based on popular toy brands and board games. Now the toy manufacturers are developing new toy brands with the goal of simultaneously turning the properties into a big screen features, brining new meaning to the phrase "Toy Movie".

Vulture has learned that Mattel challenged its designers to come up with a new toy line that could simultaneously be adapted for television, feature film, and video games. The winning idea is is a new toy line based on the concept of "an alien civilization that's been living in the depths of Earth's oceans." According to the site, Fast and the Furious producer Neal Moritz is attached to the property, and is on the search for a screenwriter.

Back in my day,  the toy companies produced toys that would be fun for children. Remember that? Get off my lawn!