Get Him To The Greek Red Band Trailer

Among the onliners, I seemed to be the one who wasn't doubled over with laughter while watching the first 'safe' trailer for Get Him to the Greek. The film vaguely follows on the heels of Forgetting Sarah Marshall by casting Russell Brand once more as rocker Aldous Snow. But it diverges by having Jonah Hill play a character different than he did in Sarah Marshall; this time, he's a lowly record company assistant who is given his dream job: get Aldous Snow from London to Los Angeles in 72 hours so that he can perform a concert. It's sort of Midnight Run with more dick jokes and humiliation, some of which is now on display in the red-band trailer you can see below.

This trailer is a lot like the first one — same structure, many of the same scenes — just with a lot more curse words, simulated sex, dildos and drugs shoved into Hill's bum. OK, just one dildo, actually. This stuff is outrageous in the same way that a lot of other R-rated studio comedies are now outrageous...which isn't to say that the film won't be funny. Sarah Marshall didn't look great in trailers, either, and it was a hell of a lot of fun. In similar fashion, these trailers...well, they're not killing me. Hopefully it all works better for someone else. (Such as yourself.)

I know I more or less told you what the movie was about in the opening paragraph, but here's the official version:

Aaron Greenberg (Hill) gets things done. The ambitious 23-year-old has exaggerated his way into a dream job just in time for a career-making assignment. His mission: Fly to London and escort a rock god to L.A.'s Greek Theatre for the first-stop on a $100-million tour. His warning: Turn your back on him at your own peril. British rocker Aldous Snow (Brand) is both a brilliant musician and walking sex. Weary of yes men and piles of money, the former front man is searching for the meaning of life. But that doesn't mean he can't have a few orgies while he finds it. When he learns his true love is in California, Aldous makes it his quest to win her back...right before kick-starting his world domination.

Get Him to the Greek, written and directed by Nicolas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) opens on June 4, 2010.