Movie Trailer: Dead Cert - Gangsters Vs. Vampires

Below the break you can see a non-official production trailer for Steve Lawson's vampires 'n' gangsters movie, Dead Cert. This trailer was cut for next weekend's Memorabilia event in Birmingham. It was also clearly cut for fans of the genre, not exactly pushing the boat out for a wider audience. If you have both From Dusk Til Dawn and Lock Stock on your shelf, however, you're right in the centre of their target.

Fans of English TV and/or the films of Guy Ritchie and Matthew Vaughn will spot a few familiar faces. Having some members of the Kick-Ass cast all over your promotions really can't hurt, wouldn't you say? Every little bit helps – and will be needed when you're an independent British film like this.

Here's /Film's own YouTube upload of the clip.