Casting Notes: Jamie Foxx In Kane & Lynch; Reese Witherspoon As The Pioneer Woman; Gregory Smith In Dream House

An adaptation of the video game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men has been in development at Lionsgate, with a script by Kyle Ward and Bruce Willis seemingly set to star as Kane. Now Jamie Foxx is apparently the co-star, news which first cropped up on Ward's Twitter feed. That update has been deleted, but Deadline and a handful of others are running with it, and Foxx's publicist has yet to deny.

That's actually a pretty great pairing for Willis. Simon Crane is directing. Willis would be Adam "Kane" Marcus, "a mercenary who makes an unlikely alliance with the schizophrenic killer named James Lynch (Foxx). The duo is forced on a mission to retrieve a stolen microchip."

After the break, new stuff for Reese Witherspoon, and another actor for Jim Sheridan's Dream House.

Another film based on a blog? Said that way, it looks crazy, but when you consider blogs as the most common new form of storytelling available to new writers, it isn't so nuts. There is a site called, created by Ree Drummond, that basically describes a pretty classic 'city girl falls in love with the country (by way of a cowboy)" tale. Now the site and the story it tells is being developed for the screen by Columbia, which has set it as a star vehicle for Reese Witherspoon.

Sounds pretty much like Sweet Home Alabama, but this time it is really a true story? Shrug, OK. Not for me, but it will probably kill on cable and DVD. [Deadline]

Finally, Everwood's Gregory Smith is joining the cast of Jim Sheridan's Dream House, which already stars Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Wiesz. The film is about a man who moves his family from the city to a rural home that was previously the site of a horrific murder. Smith will play "a punk rocker who is obsessed with the case." [THR]