Steven Spielberg To Finally Make The Jonathan Nolan-Scripted Interstellar? Perhaps

Just hours ago, I talked about the Jackie O biopic script that has Steven Spielberg as an advocate, and likely as a producer. We've filled a lot of page space talking about Spielberg's producing projects as he's been slow to set up a directorial follow-up to his Tintin film, still in a long post-production process, but none have yet come to fruition.

But now there is slight reason to suspect that Spielberg's long-rumored film Interstellar, scripted by Jonathan Nolan, may finally be in the cards. Don't get too excited about this happening right now, but read on for the reasons behind the speculation.

Vulture is talking about Jonathan Nolan's move to William Morris Endeavor from UTA, and speculating that part of the reason that agencies were so hot to grab his contract isn't just that he's Christopher Nolan's brother and a significant player in the Nolan film empire. No, Vulture thinks that part of the appeal for Nolan is what he'll do outside films like the Batman movies and Inception.

And given that Nolan is the writer of Interstellar, based on a story Steven Spielberg hatched in 2006, one of the things WME may be betting on is that he'll be the writer of one of Spielberg's next pictures. If one follows that path, then it's easy to think that maybe Interstellar is finally a likely project for the director.

But that's all really just slow news week speculation. It is worth thinking about, especially since agency maneuvering is one of the lesser-covered aspects of filmmaking but one of the most important when talking about established names.

To refresh your memory, Interstellar was based on the idea of a group of explorers who travel through a worm hole and into another dimension. That was based on a treatment by Caltech physicist Kip S. Thorne, an expert on relativity known for his prolific contributions in the field of gravitation physics and astrophysics.