Cool Stuff: Hitchcock Posters Re-Envisioned

It takes a bold designer to take on the iconography of Alfred Hitchcock. Between his own sensibilities and collaborations with designers like Saul Bass and cinematographer Robert Burks, Hitchcock's films have some of the most memorable images in the mainstream film canon.

So here comes graphic designer Laz Marquez with a series of four poster designs for classic Hitchcock filmsPsycho, The Birds, Vertigo and Rear Window — that look like they'd fit right in with each movie's original material campaign. See 'em larger after the break.

Marquez did the first poster in this series, The Birds, on sort of a lark (har, har), then followed through with the other three based on extensive interest from fans. Here's what he had to say about the series as he published the final entry, Psycho:

Since I've started this project, I've had such an amazing time taking each piece of cinematic history and re-imagining it on my own terms. It's been spontaneous, challenging and overall fulfilling. In addition, it's been amazing to put some of the process in the hands of my followers and see what they've wanted the project to evolve into. Overall, I couldn't be happier! Initially, I was only going to do 3 in a set but I've decided to add one last request into the Mix. With that, I bring you my Re-Envisioning of Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho".

I like these a bit better than Mario Graciotti's recent series of Hitchcock posters, though that's not a knock against Gaciotti's work. Just personal reaction. The Birds and Psycho posters are fantastic, I like the Bass-referencing design of the Vertigo image, and can get into the Rear Window design, though I think it is the least compelling of the quartet.

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