Scant New Details On Terrence Malick's Tree Of Life

We know very little about Terrence Malick's new film Tree of Life, said to be a generational family drama. We know it stars Brad Pitt as part of the film's elder generation, and Sean Penn as the adult version of Pitt's son. Beyond that, plot details are sketchy as Malick's team has been very good about scrubbing them from the web. Not so sketchy that you can't find them if you really want, but I'd rather leave all that as a mystery. Feel like I know too much already.

Various theoretical release dates have been batted around since the film was pushed back from a late 2009 release. We've figured it would premiere at Cannes, and while that debut isn't yet confirmed, it seems almost a lock now. Apparition's Bob Berney has been talking up the film, and confirming that an early November release is currently planned for North America. There's not much here, but for those dying for this movie (like me), is is something.

Peter Hammond is reporting a few small details about the film that come by way of Berney, i.e. the guy releasing the film. So take them with a certain informed caution, since the guy has a vested interest. These details are small and verging on hearsay, but bear with me. It's a slowish news day, and this is a movie about which I know a lot of people are keen to know more.

Berney said at the Independent Spirit awards that Tree of Life would see release in the beginning of November, and is "very likely to show up in Cannes." (Emphasis on 'very' is Hammond, not me.) He'd previously given that November date to Anne Thompson as well.

Hammond reports that Berney says Tree of Life is "like a dream and Malick fans are going to be extremely happy." Berney compares Brad Pitt to Robert De Niro in This Boy's Life, which is not really what I expected to hear. He also highlights Jessica Chastain, who plays Pitt's wife, as a performer to watch out for.

Like I said, scant new details. Is there any trailer I want to see more than this one? Nope. Not even Scott Pilgrim.