New Inception Tidbits: Plot Details Confirmed, Running Time And Conception

There hasn't been much new on the Inception front recently, but I thought I'd cover some of the recent tidbits we've missed.

/Film Shane T informs us that in the February issue of Empire Magazine, there is a very brief mention of Inception in the "On-Set Preview" section, where it states that writer/director Christopher Nolan came up with the idea for the movie when he was only 16 years old. Crazy...

Secondly, Playlist has also reprinted a quote Nolan gave the magazine which further confirms the leaked plot line from last year:

"Basically the film deals with levels of reality, and perceptions of reality which is something I'm very interested in. Its an action film set in a contemporary world, but with a slight science-fiction bent to it. Cobb [Leonardo DiCaprio's character], who is the center of things and expert in a particular technology that the film revolves around, has put this team around him [Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon Levitt]. It's very much an ensemble film structured somewhat as a heist movie. It's an action adventure that spans the globe."

And lastly, star Leonardo Dicaprio was recently interviewed by where he was asked about Inception, and answered:

"I can tell you it's about two hours long, give or take," DiCaprio smiles. "Anything more than that, and Chris has vowed to have me strung up by my tongue..."