Keanu Reeves Says (Jokes?) He's "Trying" To Get Another Bill & Ted Movie In Theaters

The internet is abuzz that a new Bill & Ted movie might be in the works, but sadly the source of the speculation isn't that substantial. On the red carpet for the Academy Awards, MTV asked Keanu Reeves if we'd be seeing a new Bill & Ted sequel in the future. Reeves laughed and responded by saying "I'm trying, I'm trying."

MTV journo Josh Horowitz asked if he was joking, to which Reeves responded "I'm not..." Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves back together again? "We'll See." You can watch the clip from yourself embedded after the jump. It's very hard to tell if Reeves is just trying to appease the MTV interviewer or is actually serious about his reply. Either way, I think another Excellent Adventure may be years and years off.