Martin Scorsese Says Even Films Like Precious Should Be In 3D

We've heard Hollywood executives like Jeffrey Katzenberg fighting the big fight, making big claims, that one day, someday, every movie will be released in 3D, including dramatic indie films. We've even heard the likes of James Cameron make the same type of claims. But what about an old school filmmaking legend like Martin Scorsese? Read his quote, after the jump.

"We see in depth, for the most part. We go to the theater — it's in depth. Why couldn't a film like `Precious' be in 3-D? It should be," says Martin Scorsese. Even Scorsese says "I'd love to do one" — so long as he can still move the camera the way he'd like to. "It just seems natural that we'd be going in that direction," Scorsese says. "It's going to be something to look forward to, but to be used interestingly."

I hear a lot of people still calling 3D a gimmick, which is surprising to me since films like Avatar, Up and Coraline prove that the technology can enhance not only the experience, but the storytelling. And we have only begun to play with the technology. For instance, Cameron himself has said that he composed Avatar as a 2D film, because he knew that would be the way most people would watch it — and it had to work on that level. Imagine what films migth look like when 3D is a standard and filmmakers can compose for the 3D in mind, allowing them to further use it as a storytelling device.

source: Yahoo