Disney's Planning More Tron Sequels, TV Show, Theme Park Rides?

Editor's Note: Disney has released a new photo from the upcoming movie trailer (above, click to enlarge), which will be attached to Alice in Wonderland in theaters on Friday, and will debut online probably sometime next week.

The mousemaniacs  at Blue Sky Disney have filed a report on the studio's apparent plans for Tron, Tron and more Tron. This might fan spirits after the weekend's "special event" saw unreasonable efforts rewarded with just a few minutes of material.

Disney's biggest projects would be a third and even fourth movie, which Blue Sky describe as being part of a new trilogy of films "that start with the word Tron and end somewhere else... Legacy is only the beginning.  Further to this, there's talk of a computer animated TV series that will hit screens "by late 2011/early 2012" and hopefully keep interest levels high between big screen outings. The other spin-offs would be Tron rides and events at Disney themeparks, ranging from a fully fledged 'experience' a few years down the line, to more modest, and easily implemented retrofitting, such as a Flynn's makeover for the arcade unit adjacent to Space Mountain.

As long as I can get the original film on Blu-ray before too long, I won't be complaining.