Metric Unveil Black Sheep, Our First Listen To The Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack

In devising the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Edgar Wright has chosen specific bands and artists to sub for the fictional musicians of the comic strip. Pilgrim's band Sex Bob-omb have had their tunes supplied by Beck, Broken Social Scene will be providing the noise of Crash and the Boys and Metric were tapped to bring The Clash at Demonhead to life, at least in terms of the music they make.

Today, Metric have made their first Scott Pilgrim track available via their Facebook Fan Page. It's simple enough – you become a fan and the streaming player is activated. The song is called Black Sheep and while it was not written specifically for the film, it seems that this recording was done specifically for the soundtrack.

One such fan has already commented on the song featuring guitar whereas the band in the strip don't have the instrument in their live line-up. Hardly a deal-breaker is it? Indeed, I'm relieved that Wright is fiddling with the fine details and hope he's not held back at all in his adaptation. There's not much I find more disappointing than a slavish big screen translation of a comic or novel that just wasn't going to work unaltered in cinema.

Via Edgar Wright