Angelina Jolie Not Doing Cuaron's Gravity After All? Meanwhile, Bret Easton Ellis Wrote The Golden Suicides With Her In Mind

Earlier this week it was reported that Angelina Jolie had dropped out of Wanted 2, effectively killing that film (no great loss) and that she would instead star in Alfonso Cuarón's upcoming 'space thriller' Gravity. Cuarón doing a space thriller? Fantastic. Doing it with Jolie's financial pull? Potentially incredible.

But now it seems the report on Gravity may have been premature, and that Jolie isn't doing the film after all. Another minor report, meanwhile, suggests she could be part of the Bret Easton Ellis-scripted The Golden Suicides.

EW reports that Jolie's reps say the actress "passed on doing Gravity at Warner Bros." Furthermore, the site says that it cannot confirm whether or not the film is even really set up at WB right now. Which is interesting. Dying to know more about this one, and hope that it can come together somewhere.

Meanwhile, Bret Easton Ellis said on Twitter (via The Playlist) "Keep looking at the script...Angelina and Franco for Theresa and Jeremy?...It doesn't matter...I wrote it for them anyway...I just spaced..."

The script he's referring to is The Golden Suicides, which we've talked about a couple of times. Gus Van Sant had been said to be doing additional writing duties on that, but a previous recent tweet from Ellis says he's just finished the screenplay. So what's the story there? Will Gus Van Sant do some work on the script down the line, has he been contributing input in the last couple months, or is he off that project now? Was his involvement over-reported, as deals like that sometimes are?

Jolie and Franco would be perfect casting for the broken, charismatic couple at the heart of The Golden Suicides, but at this point it sounds like that's just wishful thinking on the part of Ellis. Hopefully the script is good enough that they'd be interested.

To recap, The Golden Suicides is based on the true story of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake. They were a powerful creative couple (he was an artist, she a game designer and filmmaker) that began to exhibit eccentric and downright bizarre behavior, requested 'loyalty oathes' of friends, complained of Scientologist persecution and eventually killed themselves within a week of each other. Duncan took pills; Blake walked into the Atlantic Ocean and never came out again.