New Tron Legacy Photo Revealed, Exclusive Limited Event Planned For This Weekend

A new photo for Disney's Tron: Legacy has been revealed on the website Apparently Disney is holding an exclusive limited event this Saturday in five cities around the world: New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto and Sydney. More information and the full photo can be found, after the jump.


Tickets will be released on the Pit Stop website at 4:00pm eastern time on Thursday.

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The event is likely an early premiere of the Tron: Legacy two and a half minute movie trailer, which will be attached to Alice in Wonderland next week. Notice that all the events are scheduled at IMAX Theatres. The last time 42 Entertainment (the company running the viral) did this it was to premiere the opening bank robbery scene from The Dark Knight. So while unlikely, there is the possibility that they will be showing more than a trailer.

Here is the new photo from Tron Legacy:

Tron Legacy

Click on the image to enlarge.

The funny thing is, the website leaked before the image could be unlocked by the participants in the worldwide Tron Legacy viral scavenger hunt, somewhat negating the efforts of all the participants.


via: Cinemablend