Tron Legacy's Viral Campaign Begins With 27-City Scavenger Hunt

What are you doing today? Hopefully not much, because if you're in one of the 27 cities listed on the Flynn Lives page associated with Disney's upcoming film Tron Legacy, you might want to be ready to run out and meet a 'local operative' wearing a Flynn Lives t-shirt. What will you get if you do? Good question.

This is similar to one part of the viral campaign Warner Bros. launched for The Dark Knight a few years ago, but more extensive and seemingly not quite as exclusive. Which is good — if you're going to do something like this, having an opportunity for a few more people to join in is a fine idea.

Currently, the only locations listed are Chicago, Orlando and Paris. More should be revealed soon. All so far seem to be arcades near movie theaters, which might help predict where other city locations will be. When the Atlanta location is revealed I might head out and try to make contact. Should have thought to wear my own Flynn Lives shirt acquired during the first Tron Legacy scavenger hunt held last year at Comic Con. Could've thrown a bit of chaos into the mix.

UPDATE: Enough people have made contact that we can see their efforts are revealing a photo from the film; hopefully there will be a trailer link in there, too. The photo as it stands now is below. Those who are first to hit each location are getting an '80s style blue velcro wallet with Tron trading cards and some other knickknacks. The cards are reproduced (in small form) at the Flynn Lives site, too.