VOTD: James Cameron's 30 Minute Interview On Charlie Rose

If you've been reading /Film for a while, then you know how much we love long form interviews. James Cameron appeared on Charlie Rose on Wednesday, February 17th and gave a 30-minute interview. He talks a bunch about Avatar, the future of Avatar (prequels, sequels, novels), addresses the comparison to George Lucas' Star Wars, reveals the most important thing he knows about storytelling, and about former-wife and Oscar-competitor Kathryn Bigelow. There are so many interesting bits in this interview, for example: Cameron reveals that he screened Avatar for Bigelow five times at various points throughout the post production process to get her opinion. But most interesting is a 19-minute segment where he gives an in-depth response to criticisms of the simple story and environmental/political messages. Watch the interview embedded after the jump.