John Moore To Direct Final Orbit

John Moore will direct a big screen adaptation of the graphic novel Final Orbit, produced by Gale Anne Hurd (Terminator series, Aliens, The Incredible Hulk). Moore was an Irish commercial director who became a feature filmmaker with Behind Enemy Lines, Flight of the Phoenix, The Omen, and most recently Max Payne. The graphic novel, which was originally slated for release by Platinum Studios Comics in early 2009, still is unavailable.

Here is the official synopsis:

Final Orbit tells the story of some lottery winners who are vacationing on the International Space Station but when it is damaged, the vacation becomes a nightmare, trapping the tourists alone in a crippled module with no astronauts to help them.

Sounds like Lost meets Apollo 13. Hurd had also been quoted as saying that Final Orbit has "all of the classic cat-and-mouse, edge-of-your-seat elements to be a fantastic white-knuckle thriller." The graphic novel is being adapted by Phil De Blasi and Byron Willinger. Not much information on the comic book can be found online. Head on over to ComicSpace to see some early comic sketches for the graphic novel. Platinum Studios is the comic book company behind the upcoming big screen adaptations of Atlantis Rising, Dead of Night and Cowboys & Aliens.

via: ProductionWeekly