Nominees Asked To Prepare Two Speeches For The 2010 Academy Awards

One of the most uninteresting parts of the Academy Awards are the boring speeches filled with "thank yous" to agents and producers. This year's producers of the Academy Awards, Adam Shankman and Bill Mechanic, want to avoid these kind of speeches, and thus have asked this year's Academy Award nominees to prepare not one, but two speeches. You might be confused — How can two speeches help solve the onslaught of "thank yous"?

This year the Academy Awards will have a camera backstage called the "Thank You cam", where winners will be able to list all the boring "Thank yous" they want. And those videos will be posted online for everyone to see. And for the on stage, televised speeches, the nominees have been advised to make it more about what winning the Oscar means to them. Of course, a lot less people will probably watch the online hosted thank you speeches, and the nominees can say whatever they like.

So the question is: Will this new system really change anything? What do you think?

source: reuters

photo source: awards daily