Centurion International Trailer And Poster: Neil Marshall Goes Behind Enemy Lines

I like the 'men behind the lines' movie. It's a great action flick setup that never really goes out of style. It was good enough for Quentin Tarantino and Inglourious Basterds, and I hope it'll be good enough for Centurion, Neil Marshall's follow-up to the insane and ridiculous (those are good things) Doomsday. We've seen a few photos and some behind the scenes video showing what Marshall has come up with for a tale of Roman legionnaires trying to escape a vengeful Pict force. Now there's a trailer that sets up the whole picture; check it out after the break.

IGN has the trailer and a quad poster for the film. Centurion follows a group of men from the legendary Ninth Legion, which disappeared and was rumored destroyed while attempting to wipe out the Picts. In Marshall's film, the legion isĀ  ambushed, as you'll see in the trailer, and a few men are left alive, trying to escape from the wrath of their former quarry. Dominic West is the legion's commander; Michael Fassbender is Quintus Dias, who leads the men stranded behind enemy lines. Olga Kurylenko is Etain, a Pict whose tongue was cut out by Romans after they butchered her family.

The trailer shows off a lot of the action that Marshall threw into Doomsday, although in a much more restrained style. This movie looks low-key by comparison. I'm not sure I buy Olga Kurylenko as a warrior princess (or whatever she's meant to be) but it is an interesting change to see her wearing clothes.

(I expect plenty of 'It's a trap!' comments. I would have been able to watch that line if I hadn't just watched last night's Daily Show an hour ago, which contains this segment.)