Four LOST Related Videos: 1967 TV Show Opening, Crash Comparison, Blu-Ray Trailer And Super Bowl Parody Commerical

In anticipation of the third episode of the Sixth and Final Season of Lost tonight (and yes, LA X was a two-parter, so this is the third episode), I have prepared a bunch of Lost videos I had been meaning to include in VOTD over the past week, but for one reason or another, never got to. If you haven't seen the season premiere of Lost: Season Six, you might want to stay away to avoid potential spoilers. held a contest before Comic-Con 2009 where fans of Lost could submit fake theme music for the show. Mat and Grape Soda took a stab at the contest but missed the deadline by a day. They decided to turn the song into this "What-If?" opening from an alternate history where Lost was created and aired in 1967 as a campy sci-fi action series. Found via UniqueDaily.

This Lost-parody Bud Light commercial aired during the Super Bowl:

Someone over at Sl-Lost created a side by side comparison of the Oceanic Airlines crash from Season One of Lost and the "alternative reality" Oceanic Airlines crash from Season Six, so that you can spot all the differences:

DarkUFO posted a trailer for the Blu-Ray release of Season Six. Yes, they are already beginning to promote the home video release, even though we're only on the second week of the season. The reason that I'm posting this is because it features a ton of new footage from this upcoming season, and acts almost like a trailer for what is to come (in addition to a bun ch of bits we have already seen in LA X):