Mr. And Mrs. Smith May Get Prequel/Reboot With New Stars

I'm not sure that you can really call this a 'reboot', but there's word that Fox and Regency Enterprises are working on a new Mr. and Mrs. Smith film that would, in effect, be just a new film story entirely. The new movie, called Mr. and Mrs. Jones, would essentially be a way to keep the core idea going forward from the original film, but with two new characters and a pair of cheaper actors. Who's cheaper than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Almost everyone, of course.

Vulture has the details, saying that the idea is to create an "origin story" in which a couple much like the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie characters in the 2005 film is assigned to live as a fake married couple after graduating from their special agent training. So: different setup, different story, different characters. Not sure how this qualifies as a reboot, or how it could even do much to draft off the name brand of the 'first' movie. It's a curious scenario, but not the lamest studio idea we've heard today.