Fox Hires Writer To Reboot Daredevil

We've known that this would be happening, but a last-minute Friday report from Mike Fleming at Deadline Hollywood confirms Daredevil as the latest superhero reboot. David Scarpa, writer of The Last Castle and Fox's The Day the Earth Stood Still remake, is scripting. No other talent is announced at this point. Peter Chernin, who is also working on that new Planet of the Apes movie, is producing.

Just in case you have any doubt about how things will go with other Marvel character movies lodged at studios like Fox, Fleming notes that this reboot is going forward for one simple reason: unless Fox moves forward with Daredevil the studio risks losing the character to Marvel/Disney. Yeah, that means we'll still be hearing about Fantastic Four and likely Silver Surfer movies at some point, too. (The LA Times followed up with a report about the reboot, but doesn't offer any other new info)