New Tron: Legacy Trailer In Wonderland, Disney Developing Tron Television Series?

I've heard that the folks over at Walt Disney Pictures are going nuts for Tron: Legacy, and think it will be huge. A new report coming from AICN claims that Disney might also developing some spin-off television series spin-off for 2011/2012 (probably for Disney XD). No word on if it would be animated or live action, although I'm not sure how they could do live-action and compete with the million dollar effects in Tron: Legacy. So my guess is it is probably animated, most probably computer animated. For now, mark this as rumor.

Also, the new trailer for the Tron sequel is expected to screen before Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, but that is to be expected as Alice is released in 3D by Disney, so it is the perfect promotional venue. This also explains why Disney recently released a new production photo (of Jeff Bridges) from the film. Studios tend to do this right before the release of a new trailer. AICN's scooper claims the new spot is much longer, almost two and a half minutes in length.