AMC To Present 10-Film 2-Day Best Picture Showcase

Every year AMC Theatres presents the Best Picture Showcase, an all-day event showcasing the five films nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. But with this year's bump to 10-nominated films, I didn't expect the traditional event to take place. I was wrong. AMC will be showcasing all ten movies nominated for best picture at a two day event, split over two Saturdays: February 27th and March 6th, 2010. Here are the ticket options, all of which include a free large popcorn and unlimited refills:

Standard Ticketing Options:

  • Two-Day Pass – Online: $60
  • Two-Day Pass – Box Office: $50
  • One-Day Pass (February 27 or March 6) – Online and Box Office: $30

MovieWatcher Ticketing Options:

  • Two-Day Pass – Box Office: $40
  • One-Day Pass (February 27 or March 6) – Online and Box Office: $25

And since anyone can become a MovieWatcher member by applying for Free online, there is no reason to pay the full price. $40 for ten films and unlimited popcorn is an incredible deal. You can find a PDF containing a listing of the 100+ participating theaters on AMC is also asking moviegoers to vote on which other four movies will play alongside Avatar (presented in 3D) on February 27th. Tickets will go on sale on Friday, February 12th.

*AVATAR will be shown in 3D except in the following theatres: Framingham Premium 1 (Boston), Maple Ridge 8 (Buffalo), Yorktown Premium 1 (Chicago), Ridge Park Square 8 (Cleveland), Dutch Square 14 (Columbia, SC), Fiesta Square 16 (Fayetteville, AR) and Shirlington 7 (Washington, D.C.). AMC will review poll results for the February 27 Best Picture Showcase selections and will have the right to modify the event lineup, film order and timing. AMC MovieWatcher members will be able to receive a discounted ticket only at the theatre's box office. All guests will be able to pick up their actual pass at their respective participating theatre on the days of Best Picture Showcase, Saturday, Feb. 27 or Saturday, March 6.