Terrence Malick Is Prepping Another New Film; Bale, Bardem, McAdams And Kurylenko Already Cast

Well, what's this? Does Terrence Malick have yet another film in the works? According to Nikki Finke he does. She's reporting that the reclusive, methodical filmmaker is prepping "an as yet untitled love story" for which he's written a script. Claim is that he's got Christian Bale, Javier Bardem, Olga Kurylenko and Rachel McAdams on board to appear in the movie.

Nikki Finke's rather breathless report (she says "he's written and directed" the film) is light on details beyond the basics. But when we're talking about a new Malick film the basics are all we're likely to get for a while. I'd expect some trade confirmation of this to be coming down right quick. At least, that's how I'm interpreting Finke's rush to post. She says the plan is to shoot the film later this year.

(Edit: Yep, triple confirmed by THR, Screen Daily and Variety. Nothing new in those reports but for a quote from the producers that calls the film a "powerful and moving love story.")

Bale has worked with Malick before, having appeared in his last film The New World; the other three are new to his stable of actors, from which he's been known to draw for multiple projects.

This Untitled Terrence Malick Romance (as we'll call it for the time being) would be in addition to Tree of Life, Malick's forthcoming family drama that stars Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, and Voyage of Time, the reported IMAX natural history doc that seems to be tangentially related to Tree of Life, and which will reportedly be narrated by Brad Pitt. But we really don't know much at all about Voyage of Time; a great deal of 'info' about the film is really just rumor and informed speculation. Tree of Life is scheduled for release this year, with distributor Apparition planning on a Cannes bow. If he's indeed prepping a new movie, that Cannes date doesn't seem outlandish — Tree of Life must finally be done, or close to it.

If we get three films from Malick within the next couple of years, I honestly think some cinematic balance could be thrown way out of whack. (But in the best way possible.) Given that there have been multiple points where I wondered if we'd ever see a new Malick film, the idea that he's jumping right into another feature now is wonderful news.