Kevin Greutert Blogs His True Feelings About The Paranormal Activity/Saw 3D Controversy

Here's a quick precis of what we told you so far, then a zinger of a punchline.

Paramount offered the Paranormal Activity 2 directing gig to Saw 6 helmsman Kevin Greutert. As an underhand measure, Lionsgate have exercised their option on the director and obliged him to direct Saw 3D instead. The two films are currently slotted in for the same release date, and the Paranormal sequel would appear to be without a director.

So, how does Greutert feel about this? His first response was relatively polite:

I'm in the middle of something really terrible right now, as anyone who has come to this site probably knows.  While I fight for justice in this, the important thing is to avoid giving in to hatred and anger, because these emotions are life killers. Hopefully we will all arrive at an amicable solution.  Thank you to everyone who is working with me on this.

His second, less so. It follows after the break.

Unsurprisingly, Greutert has already deleted this comment from his blog, but here it is:

I just had the task of telling my 83 year old mother that no, I'm not going to be allowed to direct the movie we were all so excited about when my family last got together, and that I'm being forced to leave town before getting a chance to see her again. Yes, I'll be filming people getting tortured YET AGAIN. So we'll have to put off me making a film she can actually watch for another year. I'm not making this shit up.

And here it is, screen captured for posterity. I suspected I might have to save it like this, that it might vanish even before I had time to write the story up.


What remains to be seen is how this disagreement impacts on the Saw film. Surely this won't be conducive to a good working environment, particularly on a creative project. And what chance a boycott of the Saw franchise from the clued-up buffs who comprise a healthy slice of the horror audience? I don't think Lionsgate had really thought this one through.

Via Shock Till You Drop