Sundance Interview: Mark Duplass, Co-Director Of Cyrus And The Puffy Chair

One of my favorite films this year at Sundance was the Duplass Brothers' film Cyrus (see our review here). While its storyline doesn't do much to transcend the tropes of a standard romantic comedy/dramedy, the Duplass brothers make their characters seem so alive and authentic that you can't help but feel like you're watching something completely unique.

As an actor, co-writer and a co-director, Mark Duplass has proven himself adapt at capturing adult situations and conversations onto film, along with a healthy dosed of humor. After the jump, see/hear my interview with Duplass, in which he discusses the tough road to Sundance and why the term "mumblecore" needs to die.

Here's video of our interview. Note that I turn on the camera before I turn on the tape recorder and "officially" start the interview, so you'll see some of my disastrous pre-interview persona:

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