Fan Made Technotise Live-Action Movie Trailer

Last year we posted an awesome fan-made movie trailer for a big screen Green Lantern film, edited together using clips from a bunch of different movies, using composited computer generated imagery. If you haven't seen it before, click the link and watch it now.

Editor Jason Pitts is back at it again, this time with a trailer for a live-action adaptation of the anime Technotise – Edit i ja. Warner Bros supposedly owns the rights.  Some people seem to believe that Pitts is working with Warner Bros on these trailers in order to create viral awareness of these upcoming projects in development. Not sure if I believe that one but Pitts claims that this trailer was "made for some producers in Hollywood who are making this into a live action" feature.

Update: Scott Glassgold and his partner Raymond Brothers own the remake rights, Not WB. The WB logo was only used because it's a good fit. They're currently packaging the project now.

For those of you who haven't seen the anime or read the comic, the story takes place in Belgrade 2074, where after a few failed exams a student named Edit decides to implant a stolen military memory chip in order to help her pass the exam. But the chip gives Edit incredible powers and begins to take over her mind and body. Edit must save humanity and escape the "nefarious parties desperate to retrieve the technology inside her." Watch the fan created trailer, embedded after the jump.