Sundance Interview: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

You never know who you're going to bump into during Sundance. First I randomly had a run in with a /Film reader who was volunteering at the fest on the shuttle bus. Walking up main street, we walked by Colin Hanks, who has a role in the pot comedy HIGH School, which premieres at this year's fest. And while checking out the press preview of the New Frontier on Main exhibition center, I came across an opportunity to speak with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, one of my favorite indie actors on the moment.

Levitt appears in my most anticipated film of this year's festival, Hesher, from the director of the awesome short film I Love Sarah Jane. Levitt is also in Park City to promote his production company/collaborative filmmaking website, which is an interesting creative venture. I'll be interested to see where Joe takes it in the coming years. As I've said before, this was in no way a scheduled interview, and thus I made use of the tools available to me and recorded it on my iphone. Watch the six minute video interview, embedded after the jump.

And No, I didn't ask him about (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot (I know a lot of people on twitter asked, but from what I've heard Sony wants Peter Parker to be a High Schooler, and JGL might not fit into that age range anymore).