/Film Has Arrived At Sundance Film Festival 2010

Yesterday, I arrived in Park City, Utah for my very first Sundance Film Festival. I've only been to one film festival before in my life, but I don't think anything can possibly prepare me for the two weeks ahead. There's a ton of great movies that we at /Film plan to bring you coverage of, and we'll be doing it through every conceivable form of media possible. After the jump, we've included some photos, audio blogs and video blogs from Day 0 of the Sundance Film Festival.

Here's a brief, impromptu, introductory video featuring me and Peter, filmed in front of the Sundance Box Office.

This brief shot of the screening board inside the box office shows the breadth of the offerings, and the extremely high demand, as many of the movies are already unavailable:

Here's a video of me getting my very first Sundance press badge. A profound moment for me, no joke.

Below if is a panoramic photograph of the Sundance Press Center. This is where all the press at the fest is managed and run:

Panorama: the Sundance press office, the nerve center of the festival

But aside from the festival itself, a big part of the Sundance is the atmosphere. Chatting up random people on the bus (some of whom might be filmmakers), meeting cool journalist/blogger folks, eating incredibly unhealthy, yet delicious foods, encountering movie stars, and of course, arguing about movies and about the industry. Here's a few audio blogs I recorded with my iPhone.

I chatted with Adam Roffman, creative director of the Independent Film Festival of Boston, briefly after touching down in Utah:

I spoke with Neil Miller, editor of Filmschoolrejects, and Peter about how difficult it is to make money off of movie blogging:

Neil Miller and Peter share thoughts about what they like the most about Sundance (the recording was kind of wonky. Apologies).

Neil Miller and Peter discuss how important it is to see a movie during its world premiere:

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Lastly, here's an outtake from one of the above videos: