Joe Carnahan Wants To Make The Grey Next

Given the explosive response the trailer for The A-Team has gotten, I think director Joe Carnahan will become quite the hot commodity after this summer. And according to Cinematical, we now know what he'd like to do after his first big blockbuster — a survival drama entitled The Grey. The project comes from his own script, which is about a group of Alaskan pipeline workers whose plane crash lands on their way back home from a remote work site. The workers then find themselves hunted by a pack of wolves. Carnahan describes it as "very much a man vs. nature adventure, existentialist kind of drama that I want to do."

Even after all these years, Carnahan still seems excited about the prospect of making White Jazz:

I think there's a lot to be pessimistic about in the business right now because movies like that aren't getting green lit. I think if we can do it for a number, and that number is gonna be...about $12 [million], then we can make that movie. I think it's a tremendous script, and I think there's always a place for that kind of movie. Certainly there's still got to be a place for the L.A. Confidential sequel, I can't imagine that we've forgotten that completely.

While his Smokin' Aces was a financial success — it cost around $17 million, but made $58 million worldwide — the film's uneven tone and lack of consistent action made it far from a critical darling. If Carnahan makes a killing with A-Team, a film which has the potential to make hundreds of millions at the box office, then he may soon find his production troubles magically resolved.