First Set Pictures From Rodriguez And Antal's Predators

Images removed at request of Fox

There's been a deluge of behind-the-scenes Predators images arrive online today, first surfacing at the AVP Galaxy Forum. I suppose they contain moderately serious spoiler material, so click on with due caution. I've put my selection below the break here, but there's even more on the forum.

An eagle eyed fan on the forum pointed out that the last picture in the set seems to feature Stan Winston's original Predator design and much infectious excitement ensued.

As is always the way with these things, the pictures might not stick around long, so save them to your hard drive now. On the other hand, the studio suits (who for all we know may even have sanctioned this leak in the first place) might recognize what good PR these pics are already causing. I wonder what reaction we'd have seen if the... er... 'other creatures' mentioned in the script review had shown up in one of the snaps?

Predators is scheduled to be in US cinemas from July 9th this year.

Via Bloody Disgusting