I Love You Philip Morris Trailer #2: Slightly Less Gay, Slightly More Of A Con

UPDATE: I'm told by the film's PR firm that the opening date is now March 26, and that "slight changes" have been made. No more specifics yet on the cuts. Original article follows.

It's been quite a few months since we last saw any promo material for the Jim Carrey/Ewan McGregor comedy/love story I Love You, Phillip Morris. In July of last year there was an international trailer, which did a great job of showing off the film's evident blend of comedy, con games and love between the two leads, who meet in prison.

Now there's a domestic trailer from Consolidated Pictures Group, the company that finally bought the film and will release it on February 10. While this trailer makes no attempt to hide the gay love story at the movie's core, it goes a lot more heavy on the cons and comedy. Check it out below.

I like this trailer because I always enjoy a good con man movie, and I know enough of the background behind the film to understand that there's a lot more going on than just Jim Carrey slipping on cooking oil. If you're new to the film, it is adapted from Steve McVicker's 2003 novel, and based on a true story. Carrey plays Russell, man who embraces the gay lifestyle after a brush with death. He funds extravagent living through fraud, and ends up in jail. Russell falls in love with his cell mate, Phillip Morris (McGregor). After Morris' release from prison, Russell attempts a variety of bizarre prison escapes in hopes of reuniting with the love of his life. Anecdotes say the movie was pitched as "Catch Me if You Can meets Brokeback Mountain".

There was a point last year where the film was being re-cut as it struggled to find distribution after a successful appearance at Sundance. Shortly afterward, Consolidated Pictures Group snagged rights to the movie, but I'm still not sure if they're releasing the Sundance cut, the shorter 'less gay' version, or something in between. I've contacted them to get info. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer.