Hubble 3D Movie Trailer: You Want 3D Spectacle? Look No Further

One of my favorite films is For All Mankind, the documentary edited from footage shot by Apollo astronauts and set to music by Brian Eno. I don't expect that Hubble 3D, the new IMAX-format film about the Hubble telescope and the astronauts who maintain it, will represent the same incredible marriage of image and music that For All Mankind does. But it might be an equally great combination of content and 3D. Even with the footage in this new trailer, which only hints at how beautiful the movie might be, I think I've finally found the 3D movie to get me interested in the format.

What the trailer doesn't show much of, and what I'm really hoping to see in the film, are images from the Hubble telescope animated and translated into 3D. (There are more hints in this older trailer.) But even without those I'll take IMAX format 3D images of the actual 'scope and the spacewalks undertaken to get it into working order.

Just look at the shuttle launch footage and some of the orbital perspectives and imagine that in 3D. I've never been excited about the format before, but the potential in this footage has me really excited. All it takes to make a convert is one great, perfectly tailored example, I guess. This could be it for me. That CGI shot of Hubble and astronauts at the end, though? Not so hot. Hope that's not a final.

Ironically, the trailer and movie page at Apple both emphasize that Leonardo DiCaprio is narrating the film, but his voice isn't heard in the trailer. Someone get the actor into the sound booth, quick!

Here's a YouTube trailer embed for convenience, but this is one you have to see in HD. Head to Apple for the Quicktime version(s), which you should watch in the highest resolution possible.