Transformers 3 Update: Shoot Date, Script And 3D Status

It seems that Transformers 3 is set to start rolling in May. So soon! You'd imagine they'd have a finished script and would have made all of their necessary big decisions too, like whether or not to film in 3D? Yeah... maybe not.

The news of the May shoot came from a small aside in a Deadline Hollywood Daily post on Shia LaBeouf changing agents. A little bit of fact checking later and I learned that, yes, that date was right but,, the screenplay hasn't been finished yet. I'm not sure how unusual this is with tentpole films any more, but it's a talking point at least. What was that about "All publicity"?

I was curious if the 'Avatar effect' was going to lead to the film being shot in 3D, despite Michael Bay's earlier protestations aimed at the format. Interestingly, it seems that Bay hasn't won the argument. Not yet anyway. And with producer Steven Spielberg being so enamoured of Avatar, it seems like Bay might have to concede. That'll make me happy for one.