She's Out Of My League Movie Trailer: Jay Baruchel Experiments With Unfunny Comedy

I like Jay Baruchel. Not based on any deep assessment of his work, but more on the fact that I suspect he's more versatile than his more routine roles make him appear. He's got a bit of an edge, and while he's twitchy, he's also earnest in a way that I can appreciate. Sadly, the trailer for his new comedy She's Out of My League, in which a hot girl (Alice Eve) inexplicably displays an interest in a put-upon nebbish (Baruchel), makes it look like one of his routine roles. At best. How's that for a sales pitch?

I can safely say that I hate this trailer. Took me three times to even get through it once, and I finally watched it all without a single laugh. There are some of you who'll like it, and more power to you. Someone should like it. But unless there's a lot more to the film than this implies, the current guess is that it's like an Apatow comedy filtered through the same sensibility that might inform another direct to DVD  Road Trip sequel. It's cringeworthy. There's the rival dude with a nickname that we're meant to think refers to his dick ("Foot long"), not to mention the fact that a fifth of the trailer is one groan-inducing premature ejaculation riff.

This one was written by Sean Anders and John Morris, the guys behind Sex Drive — a movie that was entertaining as a silly sex comedy — and the upcoming Hot Tub Time Machine, which looks potentially funny. Is this the early throwaway script that falls between the cracks, or will She's Out of My League be a hell of a lot better than it's made to appear here?

If you want more than the embed below, check out the HD trailer at Yahoo.