New Alice In Wonderland Images Give A Good Look At The Creatures

The first teaser for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland left me scratching my head a little. That may have partly down to incomplete effects, but some of it was down to the unexpected aesthetic. By the time the next trailers rolled around, however, the images and I were ready to meet in the middle.

After the break are a series of big, big pictures that showcase the White Rabbit, the March Hare, the Dormouse and the Cheshire Cat, and a smaller one of the Caterpillar. Looking at these new hi-res images of itchy critters, I'm properly on side with the picture. There's a richness to the images, and a consistency.

Burton's tastes are evolving slowly, I think. I see similarities between this film and the sea-side fantasies in Sweeney Todd, likely influenced in part by Dariusz Wolski, Burton's cinematographer on just these two films. There's a crushed and textured, desaturated style here that nicely complements his career-long love of stark contrasts and emo-inspiring gothic detailing.

So here we see the White Rabbit, who will be voiced by Michael Sheen; the March Hare, who will be voiced by Paul Whitehouse; the Dormouse, who will be voiced by Barbara Windsor; the Cheshire Cat, who will be voiced by Stephen Fry; and the Caterpillar, who will be voiced by Alan Rickman. That's an amazing voice cast, and yet another reason I'm getting good vibes here.


The Caterpillar image came from a Facebook page that promotes the film, the other images are Wallpapers released by Disney.

Finally, here's a look at them all sitting down to tea in an image that comes from JoBlo.


At least at the moment, the only 'character designer' credited on this film's IMDB page to have other films named on their resume is Michael Kutsche. His two other gigs are named as Thor and John Carter of Mars.