Inception International Trailer

Well, this is a nice little surprise. If you can stand not knowing the content of the dialogue and voice-over, here's the French version of the first full trailer for Christopher Nolan's upcoming film Inception. Check it out after the break.

Actually, I almost prefer seeing the trailer this way, because I can concentrate on the visuals and the cutting more than anything else. It's a bit low-res, but there are a few things in here that look fantastic — that first shot of the city crumbling and curling up? Whoa. Nice stuff.

There are quite a few echoes from the teaser trailer, and we see the filmed versions of some scenes between Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page that spy and other on-set reports described. There's a bit of an expansion of that shot of the damn spinning top. There are glimpses of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and a handful of other recognizable faces that I'll let you discover. Even so, I still feel like I know almost nothing about this movie, which is great. I'm ready to shut down any attention I pay to it right now, so that I can see it with as few preconceptions as possible.

This seems to be essentially the same trailer David saw a couple days ago, based on his description. Here's a rough translation of the opening parts of this trailer [French speakers: feel free to translate the rest of the trailer and we'll update the post]:

What's the most resilient form of parasite? An idea. An idea has the power to build a city... to change the world, and re-write all the rules..and that's why I need to steal it.

I don't think there's even any need to put 'from the director of The Dark Knight' on this thing — it is so obviously a Christopher Nolan piece of work. The footage looks like it takes place in the same cinematic space, and the music we hear is like the music for a thriller you could catch in a theatre within Nolan's Gotham.

Thanks to Making Of for posting the clip, and Weston for sending a better embed over to me. Can't wait to see this one in HD.