New Posters: The Crazies, Shutter Island, Daybreakers And Stay Cool

We don't have as many big new posters dropping at the end of the year as we do trailers, but a few new images have cropped up for films that premiere early in 2010. It's mostly horror and thriller stuff, but then there's a new image for the Mark and Michael Polish movie Stay Cool, the existence of which I'd completely forgotten. (And, no, that's not another film in line with Get Shorty and Be Cool.) See all the images after the break.

Edit: You may see a so-called teaser poster for Predators lurking around today, but it's just a temp image cobbled together for an international website showing Fox's upcoming slate. It's not a legit teaser. We'll run the real thing when it arrives.

I love the new one-sheet for The Crazies, which blows up a shot seen in the trailers and turns it into an almost iconic-looking horror image. The shot is great, and there's minimal distraction on the poster — not too much text, and the tagline is appropriate for a film about townspeople going crazy.


The new Shutter Island poster, premiered at CHUD, is less impressive, if only because it just recycles the same elements we've seen for the past year. I'd be surprised if the studio chose anything else — why would it go with all new imagery at this late stage of the game? Reviews of the film out of the recent Austin screening peg the movie as a pulpy but fun genre exercise from Martin Scorsese, which is what it has appeared to be all along. I'm ready to see that.

shutter_island_final_sliceDaybreakers is a movie I've managed to stay in the dark about. I haven't watched any trailers or clips, and will try not to before the film opens. Sometimes the only way to really enjoy a picture like this one is to go in totally blind. The posters are all I've really seen, and this one isn't bad at all. Looks like it could have come out of a film from the early or mid-'80s, and if the movie has a similar vibe it might be good fun.daybreakers-upsidedown-poster-fullMark and Michael Polish (Twin Falls Idaho, Northfork, The Astronaut Farmer) haven't yet made a movie I really love, but I like the way they work. Stay Cool is about an author who reconnects with an old flame and has to deal with the infatuation of a student when he returns home to give a high school commencement address. Mark Polish has consistently acted in addition to writing and producing films with his twin brother; here he takes his biggest role since Twin Falls Idaho.stay_cool

Finally, there was also a new poster this week for Despicable Me, which Peter ran yesterday with the third teaser trailer. I won't reprint it here, but if you're eager to see it, check back to Peter's recent trailer post.