Kick Ass Red Band Hit Girl Trailer

After the character posters for Kick-Ass come the character trailers, and it's a case of Last In, First Out as Hit Girl becomes the star of the opening effort. It's of immediate interest that this is a Red Band trailer, complete with extreme profanity and explicit acts of violence, both of which are being doled out by a little girl. Watch it after the break, but be warned that it is most definitely NSFW.

Hit Girl aka Mindy Macready is being played by Chloe Moretz. Seeing as she's now about to turn 13 I think she's going to be growing up so rapidly over the coming year or two that I hope Mark Millar's promise of a Kick-Ass follow-up can be put into action quickly. Either that or they somehow displace the chronology in the narrative appropriately to allow for her aging. I know it's not his responsibility as a comics creator, but it'd be disingenuous to pretend he hasn't got at least one eye on the movie adaptations all the way along.

There's likely going to be an annoying ad play before this trailer but stick with it. The embed comes courtesy of Empire

Didn't she do well, ladies and gentlemen.

Peter saw the film at Butt-Numb-A-Thon, so I can't share his perspective on the trailers. Indeed, it's more likely I'm looking at them something similar to the way you are. Does this Hit Girl spot make me want to see the film? Yes, it does. It seems pretty darn smooth and polished, and there's some funny, cartoony juxtapositions of the innocent and the profane in there. It's hard to imagine how any other character from this picture could have a specific trailer cut to quite the same effect but I guess we'll find out soon if it's even possible.

Incidentally, there's almost no information on the movie available at all, but Bleeding Cool have ascertained that Mark Millar is currently writing the screenplay for his own directorial debut and that it won't be an adaptation of one of his comics. More on that one as some details – any details! – come to light.